Custom Builds

Echelon Homes collaborates with design partners to develop distinctive and innovative custom floor plans. We have collaborated to design and build dozens of homes ranging from a 1,600-square-foot villa to a $2 million luxury estate. We value our working relationships and share commitments to professionalism and attention to detail to best serve our clients. Here’s what to expect when you build with us.

Intro meeting

Building a home is a great investment and big life decision. For several months, we become extensions of your family and vice versa. This meeting is all about getting to know each other and sharing ideas. Bring your napkin sketches, Pinterest boards and other inspirations. We talk budget, available lots and big-picture ideas to determine if we’re a good fit for each other.

DESIGN kickoff

This is where it gets cool. We’ll guide you through the initial design process along with one of our design partners. We sketch out general room layouts and features to come up with a concept plan, all while keeping your budget in mind. This meeting gets everyone on the same page and lays the cornerstone for a good design process.


Congrats! It’s getting real. Our design partner has now taken those concept plans and will use them to prepare your formal house plans. You will also be presented with exterior renderings of your home and be shown a 3D walkthrough of your design. This allows you to feel like you are walking through your home before we even break ground. The design process generally involves 3-5 meetings which can be done virtually via video conference and email sharing or face-to-face. When design is complete, you will sign off on the drawings and Echelon will move forward with bidding.

Example 3D walkthrough video provided with your custom home design

Bid Process

Echelon Homes sends your plans to its exclusive list of subcontractors and suppliers. Detailed specifications and a pricing deliverable are provided to you once subcontractor and supplier bids are received. It’s at this stage that owners Zach and Matt excel using their experience from the commercial construction industry to provide value management ideas to help deliver a project at the budget you want and quality you deserve.

Sign the Contract and Grab Your Shovel

Happy with what you see? Want some adjustments? We’re happy to work through those. Then … let’s sign the contract and start digging! We stay in constant communication during the build process. We love sending photos from job sites and offer frequent feedback about how things are going. We welcome you to visit the site with us to see progress.

Want more details about design? Visit one of our partners, Structur Design + Interiors